Welcome to the SHA Blog and SHA Social!

The Society for Historical Archaeology would like to welcome you to the brand new SHA Blog. Our goal for this project is to provide useful content for SHA members, and to provide a window into our discipline for other archaeologists and members of the public who are interested in our society and our past.

On this blog, you will find a wide variety of content, including updates about conference planning, new technologies and their applications for archaeology, commentary and best practices in public archaeology, tips for professional advancement and career development for professionals and students, and commentaries and essays from archaeologists about current topics in our discipline. Our objective is to provide a resource for you that reflects the type of value you expect from an SHA membership.

In addition to this blog, we are also launching a social media campaign, called SHA Social. Over the next few weeks, we will be unveiling a new Facebook Page and Twitter account. For those of you who are already following our Conference Twitter account, never fear: only the name will change. If you “like” our Conference Facebook Page, please follow this link to join our official SHA page: this will include the same regular content from the Conference Page, in addition to other content relating to the Society as whole. The old Conference page and blog will be taken down, as this content will be migrated into our new blog and Facebook Page. Over the coming months, we will also be unveiling other social media links, including a revamped LinkedIn presence, headed by the SHA Academic and Professional Training Committee.

Please feel free to click on the RSS button in the upper left to subscribe to the SHA Blog, or enter your email address in the field provided in the sidebar to receive emails regarding new posts. We encourage you to comment on and share our content, but be sure to read over our commenting policy. We are excited about this new addition to SHA, and hope it will be a welcomed addition to your regular engagement with the Society!

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About Terry Brock

Terry is a PhD Candidate at MIchigan State University, and is currently conducting his dissertation research at Historic St. Mary's City in Southern Maryland. He is currently the Chair of SHA's Technology Social Media Subcommittee. You can visit his personal blog at Dirt or read his posts at the Inside Higher Ed Blog Gradhacker.

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