What You May Have Missed at the SHA Blog

We’ve been active here at SHA Social for three months, and have been elated by the response thus far. Since many of our readers have only joined us recently, we thought we’d highlight some of our most popular posts from January and February, that you may have missed.

One of our first posts was by Carol McDavid, whose Current Topics essay examined an often forgotten part of publicly engaged archaeology: what happens when the project is over? 

Our Technology Week included three essays discussing different technological applications for historical archaeology: Rob Church looked at AUV camera capabilities for underwater archaeology, Angela Jaillet-Wentling asked questions about LiDAR applications, and Bernard Means discussed the applications of 3D scanning.

Quentin Lewis and Paul Mullins both wrote posts discussing the importance of contemporary archaeology in historical archaeology.

Valerie Hall took us on a trip through the SHA Conference’s Public Archaeology Day with her family, discussing the many opportunities available for the public during our annual conference.

Lastly, the publications committee offered a free pdf in their preview of last quarter’s Historical Archaeology, which examined the archaeologies of poverty.

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About Terry Brock

Terry is a PhD Candidate at MIchigan State University, and is currently conducting his dissertation research at Historic St. Mary's City in Southern Maryland. He is currently the Chair of SHA's Technology Social Media Subcommittee. You can visit his personal blog at Dirt or read his posts at the Inside Higher Ed Blog Gradhacker.

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