New Books for Review

Dear Colleagues,

The following books are available for review. If any of them pique your interest do let me know.

Rich Veit–SHA Book Reviews Editor

All the King’s Horses: Essays on the Impact of Looting and the Illicit Antiquities Trade on Our Knowledge of the Past
Paula K. Lazrus and Alex W. Barker, eds.
The SAA Press, The Society of American Archaeology, Washington D.C.,
2012. 168 pp., index. $24.95 regular price, $19.95 SAA member discount price.

Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
Sharon Sullivan and Richard Mackay, eds.
The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, California,
2013. 736 pp. $70.00 cloth.

Becoming White Clay: A History and Archaeology of Jicarilla Apache Enclavement
B. Sunday Eiselt
The University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, Utah,
2012. 320 pp., 23 B&W Illus., 31 line drawings, index. $45.00 cloth, $56.00 eBook.

Bijoux de pacotille ou objets de piété? Les bagues dites “jésuites” revisitées à partir des collections archéologiques du Québec
Caroline Mercier
Cahier d’archéologie du CELAT, Quebec, Canada,
2012. 87 figs., 16 tables.

Clanricards Castle: Portumna House, Co. Galway
Jane Fenlon, ed.
Four Courts Press, Portland, Oregon,
2012. 192 pp., glossary, bibl., index. $65.00 cloth.

Curating Human Remains: Caring for the Dead in the United Kingdom
Myra Giesen, ed.
The Boydell Press, Woodbridge,
2013. 197 pp., 22 figs., 2 tables, index. $99.00.

Custer, Cody, and Grand Duke Alexis: Historical Archaeology of the Royal Buffalo Hunt
Douglas D. Scott, Peter Bleed, and Stephen Damm
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma,
2013. 232 pp., 63 B&W Illus., 2 maps, index. $24.95 cloth.

Duncluce Castle: History and Archaeology
Colin Breen
Four Courts Press, Portland, Oregon,
2012. 246 pp., full-color illus., 6 tables, glossary, bibl., index. €19.95 catalogue price, €17.95 web price.

Hawaii’s Past in a World of Pacific Islands
James M. Bayman and Thomas S. Dye
The SAA Press, The Society for American Archaeology, Washington D.C.,
2013. 29 figs., 5 tables, glossary, bibl., index. $24.95 regular price, $19.95 member discount price.

Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on Gender Transformations: From Private to Public
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood, ed.
Springer, New York, New York,
2013. 430 pp., 66 illus., 16 illus. in color, index. $179.00 eBook, $229.00 hardcover.

Interpreting the English Village
Mick Aston and Chris Gerrard
Windgather Press, Oxbow Books, Oxford,
2013. 456 pp., 257 figs., bibl., index. $49.95 cloth.

Lightning in the Andes and Mesoamerica: Pre-Columbian, Colonial, and Contemporary Perspectives
John E. Staller and Brian Stross
Oxford University Press, New York, New York,
2013. 278 pp., 57 illus., 8 pp. color insert, index. $74.00 hardback.

Old Myths and New Approaches: Interpreting Ancient Religious Sites in Southeast Asia
Alexandra Haendel, ed.
Monash University Publishing
2012. 312 pp., $49.95 cloth.

Soils, Climate & Society: Archaeological Investigations in Ancient America
John D. Wingard and Sue Eileen Hayes, eds.
University Press of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado,
2013. 272 pp., 34 figs., 29 tables, list of contributors, index. $70.00.

Tales of Gotham, Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and Microhistory of New York City
Meta F. Janowitz and Diane Dallal, eds.
Springer, New York, New York,
2013. 369 pp., 58 illus., 26 illus. in color. $139.00 eBook, $179.00 hardcover.

The Archaeology of the Prussian Crusade: Holy War and Colonisation
Alexander Pluskowski
Routledge, New York, New York,
2012. 427 pp., 85 figs., glossary, bibl.,index, $48.95 cloth.

The Cherokees of Tuckaleechee Cove
Jon Marcoux
The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan,
2012. 296 pp., 136 figs., 60 tables, $33.00.

Uncovering History: Archaeological Investigations at the Little Bighorn
Douglas D. Scott
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma,
2013. 272 pp., 53 B&W Illus., 1 map, $32.95 cloth.

New Historical Archaeology Issue: Current Research in South America

The current issue of Historical Archaeology presents the results of broad-ranging archaeological research from Central and South America.  From Spanish cities sacked by pirates, to English ceramics in Venezuelan households, to African scarification and pottery manufacture and marking, to plantation settlements and indigenous populations, to mining landscapes and beyond, this volume provides a fascinating look at a diverse archaeological landscape.  Juan Martin, Alasdair Brooks, and Tania Andrade Lima’s Introduction provides a taste of the delicious stew that is the archaeology of Central and South America.  Buen apetito.

Download the Introduction for free here.

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Historical Archaeology 46(1): New Journal and New Design!

The new issue of Historical Archaeology, the Society for Historical Archaeology’s academic journal, 46(1) is hitting your desks and is certain to catch your attention.  This is the first in a new generation of the journal that features a glossy color cover with the contents listed on the back for easy reference.  But it deserves your attention for more than that. This thematic issue compiled by Uzi Baram and Dan Hughes looks at ethnogensis and other topics through the lens of the many cultures of Florida, and explores the ways in which archaeological and historical research can reveal the way the multiple cultural identities of Florida were created, negotiated, and reformed.  Baram and Hughes’ Introduction, attached, gives you a sense of the historical archaeology of Florida and the contents of this issue, which is one you won’t want to miss.

Download Baram and Hughes’ introduction to Historical Archaeology 46(1), Florida and its Historical Archaeology, for free here.

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