Historical Archaeology 46(1): New Journal and New Design!

The new issue of Historical Archaeology, the Society for Historical Archaeology’s academic journal, 46(1) is hitting your desks and is certain to catch your attention.  This is the first in a new generation of the journal that features a glossy color cover with the contents listed on the back for easy reference.  But it deserves your attention for more than that. This thematic issue compiled by Uzi Baram and Dan Hughes looks at ethnogensis and other topics through the lens of the many cultures of Florida, and explores the ways in which archaeological and historical research can reveal the way the multiple cultural identities of Florida were created, negotiated, and reformed.  Baram and Hughes’ Introduction, attached, gives you a sense of the historical archaeology of Florida and the contents of this issue, which is one you won’t want to miss.

Download Baram and Hughes’ introduction to Historical Archaeology 46(1), Florida and its Historical Archaeology, for free here.

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Historical Archaeology and the Importance of Material Things








Historical Archaeology and the Importance of Material Things, edited by Leland Ferguson (1977), was one of the formative works in the field that spurred the discussion of the connections between theory and material culture in our understanding of the past. Taking history as a cue, we were pleased to reignite the examination of how historical archaeology uses material objects to interpret the past and to present Historical Archaeology and the Importance of Material Things II at the SHA 2012 Baltimore meeting. Co-chairs and editors Julie Schablitsky and Mark Leone presented a symposium of noted scholars who addressed this topic from various geographic, chronological, and theoretical perspectives. Now, the SHA is pleased to offer both the original and new works as SHA Publications, available now in our SHA Bookstore at Lulu! These publications, as well as all our SHA publications are available as printed copies or as e-books.


New SHA Perspectives: The Archaeology of Spanish Missions and Colonies in the New World

The Society for Historical Archaeology is pleased to announce the availability of a new SHA Perspectives from Historical Archaeology series. Titled The Archaeology of Spanish Missions and Colonies in the New World, this volume contains 22 articles from SHA’s journal, Historical Archaeology, in addition to an introduction by the compilers, tying the articles together. Compiled by  Steve A. Tomka and Timothy K. Perttula, the volume covers topics such as Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches, Context and Process of Material Culture, Reflections on Identity, Status, and Culture Change, Subsistence, and Site Structure.

To purchase this new volume, please visit the SHA bookstore on Lulu.  A preview of the table of contents and the first few pages of the introduction are available in the preview below: