Friday Links: This Week in Historical Archaeology

This week’s photo was taken by the PAST Foundation, on the 2008 Florida Keys Field School. The photo features now University of Southampton PhD Candidate Scott Tucker, who is now conducting his dissertation research at Historic St. Mary’s City. Visit the Field School website for more amazing underwater photos from the Menemon Sanford Project. Special thanks to Sheli Smith for letting us use the photo!


The AIA has issued their official response regarding television shows Diggers and American Diggers.

Archaeologists from the University of Bristol have unearthed a slave burial ground in the South Atlantic Island of St. Helena.

University of North Florida Archaeologists are searching for a Spanish Mission on St. Simons Island.

Lynne Goldstein, director of the Michigan State University Campus Archaeology Program, gives a radio interview about their summer excavations.

Call for Papers

Well, there’s us!


Natural Resources Conservation Service offers a flow chart guide to soil texture.


The Society for Archaeological Sciences offers a Student Research International Travel Award.

The Blogs

Jamie Brandon at Farther Along announces the Arkansas Archaeological Society summer excavations in Washington, Arkansas.

John Roby shares his takeaways from Amber Grafft-Weiss’s blog post about PB&J and public archaeology.

Image used with permission from Sheli Smith at the PAST Foundation.

Here’s What’s New in Historical Archaeology This Week

This week’s photo of the week comes from Archaeologist Jamie Brandon (@jcbrandon), who visited Phase II excavations at the Foster Site in Lafayette County, Arkansas. You can see other photos by Jamie on his Flickr Page.


Excavations at Monticello are highlighted, particularly their use of maps to help with excavations.

A wooden shipwreck was found in South Africa.

The Virginia Gazette gives a brief history of archaeology in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Call for Papers

The Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology (CNEHA) has their website up for their upcoming 2012 conference in Newfoundland, Canada. It will be held from October 4-7th.

The University of Puget Sound is hosting the Redford Conference in Archaeology, which is accepting abstracts for talks about digital archaeology. The conference will be from October 25-28, 2012.


Visit the Avondale Burial Place Website to learn about the excavations and history of African American burial grounds in Georgia.

On the Blogs

This Week in Pennsylvania Archaeology highlights the excavations at Old Economy Village, home to the 19th century Christian community group the Harmony Society.

Mick Morrison (@mickmorrison) discusses his survey project in Mareeba, Australia.

Mt. Vernon’s Midden takes us through a three part series on understanding capacity through mugs and cups.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr User Farther Along under Creative Commons License]

Friday Links: What’s Happening in Historical Archaeology

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