Friday Links: This Week in Historical Archaeology

This week’s photo was taken by the PAST Foundation, on the 2008 Florida Keys Field School. The photo features now University of Southampton PhD Candidate Scott Tucker, who is now conducting his dissertation research at Historic St. Mary’s City. Visit the Field School website for more amazing underwater photos from the Menemon Sanford Project. Special thanks to Sheli Smith for letting us use the photo!


The AIA has issued their official response regarding television shows Diggers and American Diggers.

Archaeologists from the University of Bristol have unearthed a slave burial ground in the South Atlantic Island of St. Helena.

University of North Florida Archaeologists are searching for a Spanish Mission on St. Simons Island.

Lynne Goldstein, director of the Michigan State University Campus Archaeology Program, gives a radio interview about their summer excavations.

Call for Papers

Well, there’s us!


Natural Resources Conservation Service offers a flow chart guide to soil texture.


The Society for Archaeological Sciences offers a Student Research International Travel Award.

The Blogs

Jamie Brandon at Farther Along announces the Arkansas Archaeological Society summer excavations in Washington, Arkansas.

John Roby shares his takeaways from Amber Grafft-Weiss’s blog post about PB&J and public archaeology.

Image used with permission from Sheli Smith at the PAST Foundation.

Friday Links: What’s New in Historical Archaeology

Here’s what you may have missed last week in the world of Historical Archaeology online. This week’s photo was snagged from my own flickr account, of a map of an early 19th century site in Virginia taken this summer. Can you spot the four post holes?

We would love to feature more photos, but need photos to feature! If you have a Flickr photo account, and tag photos with a Creative Commons license, please put a link in the comment section below so we can use them in our Friday Links!


Hobart archaeologists have discovered a 19th century gallows.

One of the world’s busiest slave ports, the Valongo Wharf, was uncovered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Archaeologists in South Carolina have discovered a buried chicken at a late 19th century home of a freed slave.

The Archaeological Institute of America has a contest for Online Excavation Outreach, featuring a number of historical archaeology excavations and programs! Give them your votes!


Anthropologies February issue examines Anthropology and Development.

On the Blogs

Chris Cartellone takes you through the conservation process for Project Solebay, an underwater excavation.

The Florida Public Archaeology Network chronicled a day excavating with high school students, including some good finds!

Edward Gonzalez-Tennant discusses a pre-research trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas, and examines some potential plantation sites on the island (and takes some wonderful photos).

[Image by Flickr User TerryBrock used under Creative Commons license]

Friday Links: What’s Happening in Historical Archaeology

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