Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

In support of an SHA UNESCO Committee initiative to identify and facilitate training opportunities in underwater archaeology, subcommittee members Anne Giesecke and Amanda Evans compiled a list of scholarships and support for underwater exploration, that is supplemented with details of funding agencies and regularly offered scholarship/fellowship/training programs. The list was started in 2009 to help students and other individuals find support for underwater exploration. Applicants should consider that underwater natural, cultural, technological and safety studies all cross. For example, the study of a shipwreck in a coral reef could be funded either as cultural or natural resource study. Coffins washing out of a coastal bluff could be an archaeological or climate change study. Safety and medical training are frequently required for underwater exploration or may be a focus of study. Technology, sustainability and resource management are also of interest to many students of the underwater world.

List of Funding and Scholarship Available through the ACUA