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Welcome to the SHA Reviews page. Historical Archaeology posts reviews on the SHA website at the same time that the journal issues are sent to the printers. Titles and authors of all reviews appear in the table of contents of the print edition, and review text appears online. This ensures timely reviews and frees up room in the journal for additional articles.

Reviews are assigned HA page numbers, and the citation appears as follows:

Staniforth, Mark
2007   Review of An Archaeological Guide to British Ceramics in Australia, 1788-1901, by Alasdair Brooks. Historical Archaeology 41(2):163-164.

Books, lengthy articles, websites, or films for reviews published on the SHA website should be sent to:

Richard Veit, Ph.D., RPA
Reviews Editor, Historical Archaeology
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department of History and Anthropology
Monmouth University
West Long Branch, NJ 07764-1898

If you are interested in reviewing a book for SHA, please contact us at:

Books Currently Available for Review

If you are interested in reviewing them please contact Dr. Richard Veit at Monmouth University [].  For more information on the book review process please read our book-review guidelines.

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